Remember how engineering holidays used to be like? “2 weeks of holidays man, where are you going? Internship mila kya?”☺ Well now that holiday is not of 2 weeks. We’re done with BE.😌
Some of the people I know are already working (because, Joining aa gaya). They are probably complaining about taxes (I guess they also participated in the GST Jagraata😌). On the other hand we, the jobless folks (not generalizing) are laughing on stupid GST full forms like “Ghanta Samjhoge Tum” and good GST puns (Arun Jaitley-GST friends? No? Ok.) You know a pun is good when you feel like acquainting the creator’s face with bricks from the bottom of your heart and then you smile.😌

This is going to be us in few days or months or years. All of us. We’re grown-ups.😞 I know all of us say this atleast once in our teenage years when we don’t know shit about being one. Here we are now.πŸ’

We see posts about “Feel old?” and well now, I do. A month ago I saw “Sachin: A Billion Dreams” and I couldn’t help but ponder over the fact that we won the World Cup 6 years ago or that Sachin retired 4 years ago i.e. bahut time ho gaya yaar.πŸ™„ Harry Potter turned 20 this week! Let me take a moment to say that I absolutely love these books. They are inexplicably generous when it comes to arousing tears (GOT doesn’t do shit in that department inspite of so many deaths). Although the last movies destroyed the Deathly Hallows, dukh hota hai.πŸ˜”

All of this translates to the fact that we’re all set to undergo the transition from carefree dependent “adults” (because, voting rights mil gaya) to klutzy, under-prepared (story of my life) and presumably independent adults.

It’s petrifying. And not just for the unplaced, not pursuing MS-M.Tech-MBA, not-even-inclined-towards-any-of-these-because-my-academic-life-has-gone-down-the-drain adults. It’s the same and yet different for everybody. It’s a new chapter of life, the one which makes the book worthwhile.

But is it really bad to be terrified? Because, children are carefree and parents are critical and we are none of these. Maybe, we’re actually doing it right. Maybe there is no right in this. Maybe we’re about to find definitions. 

We’re definitely adulting.
P.S. Coldplay is love.

Oh, I think I’ve landed
In a world I hadn’t seen
When I’m feeling ordinary
When I don’t know what I mean

Oh, I think I’ve landed
Where there are miracles at work
For the thirst and for the hunger
Come the conference of birds

And say it’s true
It’s not what it seems
Leave your broken windows open
And in the light just streams

And you get a head
A head full of dreams
You can see the change you want to
Be what you want to be…

Thanks for reading.😊

Malvika Mishra☺


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