Clinging, Again and Again

Cling: Adherence, adhesion, attachment… devotion.

Clinging to an idea… an idea of a “should have”, a “could have”.

Clinging to memories… memories which have turned into wistful smiles.

Clinging to dates… the dates which will never be forgotten.

Clinging to anecdotes… the anecdotes which were built on the grounds of exuberance.

Clinging to secrets… secrets which cut deeper than some wounds.

Clinging to reveries… the reveries which are nothing but plundered and defunct air castles.

Clinging to hope… the hope which is slipping away like the grains of sand.

Clinging to a journey… the journey which is voided by an absence.

Clinging to a story’s predictable termination… which can never ever be rewritten.

Clinging to closure… a closure which failed to dawn inspite of relentless efforts.

Clinging to love and the few grains of hope.

Clinging to a smile… that smile which can “make the whole world stop and stand for a while.”

Clinging to a voice… the voice which brings repose.

Clinging to kindness… the kindness which incites ardent admiration.

Clinging to perfection… the flawed perfection that is someone’s existence.

Clinging to the resonance… again and again.
Thanks for reading.☺

Malvika Mishra.


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