Hold on dear friend, it shall pass, I say. 

Smile the brightest on the darkest of days, I say.

Let’s do things which make you laugh like the child that you are, I say.

Let’s discuss things which will let you drift apart from things that tear you apart, I say.

And when it becomes difficult, pour your heart out, I say.

Make that last futile attempt, speak all those bad thoughts out, I’ll be your listener, I say.

Be weak, cry if you want to, I say.

But at the end of the tunnel there’s light, this shall pass, I say.

I say this shall pass… And I don’t believe in it, when someone says it to me. I am a hypocrite.

I say hold on when I’m always on the verge of losing the grip.

I say sport a bright smile when the most beautiful day doesn’t brighten mine.

I say laugh out loud when mine sounds like a cacophony to me.

I say drift apart when I keep falling apart.

I say speak out those wistful words when I bottle them up inside.

I say pour your heart out when my heart remains full unlike the pages of my diary.

I say cry when all I do is conceal everything and smile less.

I say there’s light at the end when I’m the one who’s too impatient to wait.

I say I’ll be your listener when I’ll never make you mine.

I say trust me with everything when I’ll never do the same.

I’ll never break any promises, but I’ll never let you make any promises.

I am a hypocrite. I’ll always be one.
Thanks for reading šŸ™‚

-Malvika Mishra.


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