I’ve travelled a bit in this short life.
The few times I did, it was not for a passion to see the world.
Not for the allure of a new unknown world.
Not for the serenading Western Ghats.
Not for the stories of coins that come back from the valley.
Not for the utter perfection of the Taj Mahal in moonlight.
Not for the melody of the bansuri in Mathura.
Not for the peacefulness of the holy river in Uttaranchal.
Not for the simple lessons of the villages on the outskirts of Mumbai.
Not for the colossal mountains.
Not for the first contact with snow.
Not for the exuberance in the air in Wagah border.
Not for the divine beauty of the Golden temple.
Not for the exquisite forts of Rajasthan.
Not for the seemingly boundless desert.
Not for the stars of the moon-less sky in Jaisalmer.
Not for the restricted freedom of walking alone in darkness.
Not for the numerous songs and the innumerable reasons for laughter.
All of this and a lot has come out of all these journeys.
When I did travel, it was just to have “the vacation”. To break the monotony. To share stories with friends. To click a million pictures. To be able to join the “share the travel experience” bandwagon on social media. (I’ll always be one of those people.)
But it was, which I didn’t even realize, for one thing.
To get lost. Every time something broke down inside me, all I wished for was to get lost.
And every time I got lost, I found something. Change. Inevitable. Irreversible. Often serendipitous.
Change in my perception about people, love, life. Usual, eh?
Change in my perception about that one person who’ll always stand by me- me!
The worst times will lead you to the best version of you, one step at a time. Not just that, it’ll teach you to treasure the good times when they last. To know the importance of what you need over what you want. And to never ever think that life is sorted!
It’ll also show you what you’re made of. There’ll be magic. You will make it. And then, you will win.

So now I say, I have a dream.
Travel. Travel. Travel.

Thanks for reading. 🙂
-Malvika Mishra.