“Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?”
“I think the answer is that a circle has no beginning.”
And we go round and round and round!
Avoid, awkward silence, awkward smiles, hearty smiles, small talk, back to awkward smiles, awkward silence, avoid!
Nothing and absolutely nothing gets us out of this vicious cycle. Is this it? Is this how things were supposed to happen? Why was there such predictability about something so unpredictable?
And there’s not just one circle. There goes the circle, of moods. “Oh-so-happy” to “Be happy” to “I’m good” to “Yeah, I’m fine” to “Something is missing” to “Life sucks” to “I’ve got to get up!” to “It’s going to be alright” and we go back!
Then there’s this circle of perspectives and understanding. Oh this makes sense, yeah I know it’s right, there’s no right or wrong in this, this hurts but…, why always me?
Then comes: “Whatever happens, happens for the good”. And yet, we don’t walk away from the circle!
No human encounters the same ordeal, yet everybody gets stuck in these circles. These and many more. What sets us apart is the duration. When will you hang up? A week, a month, a year, 4 years. Will you?

“Will you?” Unanswerable. For now.

Thanks for reading 🙂
-Malvika Mishra