Why so serious?

This one question echoes in my head whenever I watch The Dark Knight.(that and The Joker’s laugh!)… But the late Heath Ledger’s glorious portrayal of this egregious villain is not the sole reason which makes this question significant. It’s one question that has been posed in front of me several times by several people.(And I’m unceremoniously reminded of the cackle. They’re linked you know!) If they don’t have to use the exact words, they’ll pass some unintelligent remark, “You look upset!”(Which I’m usually NOT! but hey you helped!),”Don’t anger her”(Yeah what am I, Rowdy Rathore! They use that exact dialogue which I don’t wish to type owing to grammar slaughter. That’s something I HATE! :)) Hindi versions, “Maaregi abhi!“(I do believe in NON-violence), “Dekh tu frustrate ho gayi na”(Yeah right!) So today I thought of penning… no typing down what I feel about it.

Well well… why are people imposed to ask this question? This question (yeah, repetition is my thing) has plagued me for several years until the recent past.(that’s about, a year maybe) This imposed mystery (unnecessary complications in the simple life of a simple girl!) was solved when a teacher pointed out (yeah literally) my Lack of Expressions Syndrome (“LES” that’s how I address it because… well no such illness has been diagnosed, as of now! Besides Sir won’t talk about his students like that) So then I kind of figured out ( a bit late) that I may be good (actually good… not that stereotypical “womanly” good!) people don’t seem to get it because… LES! Though my lack of expressions hasn’t landed me in any perilous situation (yet), it’s not very pleasant to be misunderstood time and again. I have to  explain in proper words (which I suck at*sigh*) that I’m neither upset nor ‘offended’.(which, on due consideration is… a lie!) This “The Joker behavior” of the mundane is irritating and then it shows. (I suffer from partial LES… So expressions used to express anger, irritation, sadness come to me naturally, rest all, NO :)) While I may be over the moon regarding something, it’s not visible.(duh!)

But there’s a bright side.(this “Everything has its pros and cons” idea is such a cliche!) It’s very easy to feign anger, effortless. Straight face does it all. It’s so easy to avenge all those moronic pranks!(Vindictive pleasure!) It’s very easy to get things done with that sad face.(have it…use it!… Expression :)) And I’m considered wise because of the “serious” look.(I am wise… but not in every situation :)… Honestly this pro is meh!) But the bright side is not that bright.(I love repetition:)) Because it doesn’t support my uninspiring communication skills, it worsens it. And communication man… is everything! Because… how will people know that you know what they don’t know!(Few more ‘know’s… No!)

So, I have to get rid of LES for: 1) I have to convey what I feel, at the right time. 2) This cosmos is filled with pretentious “The Joker”s who’ll keep asking, “Why so serious?” and it’s an arduous task to not snap at them 🙂

P.S. “The Joker” because he’s earned my deep hatred… He’s the villain I love to hate… The “The” is mandatory!

Thanks for reading… if you did! 🙂

Malvika Mishra.